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Fiaau Lagi Toeaina mostly known as "Fia" has been co-pastoring Soul'd Out Christian Center International headquarters in San Francisco, CA with her husband Pastor Alex M. Toeaina since April 24, 1993.  Soul'd Out Christian Center Int'l (SOCCI) has now expanded to seven other cities in five different states including Washington, Nevada, Hawaii and Alabama, and also cover two other Pastors outside of SOCCI - The BLOCK in Carson, CA and AIM in Compton, CA.  

In 2006, Fia started having women's conferences for just the SOCCI branches, but it wasn't until 2012 when women from different churches, ministries, and community based organizations were inquiring if they may attend her Women's Conferences.  

  • In 2013 Fia started "A Victorious Beauty" (AVB) Women's Conference for ALL women.

Fia has a true heart for Women to see healing take place and released from their past hurts forever.  "Every woman has a past - some with more deeper wounds than others, but regardless - each one needs to be addressed instead of covered up.  Inner healing digs up the hidden wounds - to face it and deal with it to finally break the stronghold of the past.  Once free from their past, their testimony will help other women...  Until "All Women are AVB!" - they just need to know that they are..." - Fia Toeaina 

"We all have a free-will, which means the CHOICES that we make can either be our best friend or our worst enemy.  You deserve what you tolerate - it starts with you, so what's it going to be?"



May 2-4 2018

One Hegenberger Rd

Oakland, CA 94621

$50 Before April 30th

$60 Late Registration 

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